Top Sights In Shivanasamudra Near Mysore – Best Weekend Gateway

Shivanasamudra is a one of the most beautiful and small island city near to mysore. Located on the banks of kaveri river, It is situated 60 kms east of mysore and 138 kms from Bangalore and is best suited for day trip. Surrounded by dense forest and hills, The view of the city is completely amazing.

Asia’s first hydro-electric project was set up in shivanasamudra 1905. Power was move out from this power project to Kolar Gold Fields near Bangalore for running the Gold mines.The drive from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra is a fantastic and pleasant ride via Kanakapura main road with lot of greenery around the sides, and you can feel the cool and fresh air while driving in the morning or evening.

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1. Barachukki  and Gaganachukki waterfalls

Barachukki is the most visited waterfall and that’s what you will also vitness, located near the small town of shivanasamudra. A group of falls, popularly barachukki is also called Bluff or Shivanasamudra falls. It is 150 kms from Bangalore.The road best suited for bikers during mansoon period. You will be rush away by the powerful blustery wind that flows en route to the site.

Gaganachukki falls road leads you to shivanasamudra falls, which constitute of barachukki and gaganachukki falls. The falls are existing on the Kaveri River and are known for their ferocious velocity.Mysore is the major cities which are connected with the falls via Gaganachukki falls road. It is at the distance of 60kms to mysore. This falls resemble a horsetail. Its height is nearly 98 meters. A huge parking space is available for the visitors. It takes around 15 min to walk to the falls from the parking space.

  • Entry fee – Free
  • Opening and closing hours – 8 AM to 5 PM (Monday to Sunday).
  • Best Time To Visit – September to January.
  • Opening Hours – 24 hour.


  • 138 kms from Bangalore.
  • 72 kms from Mysore.

2. Ranganathaswamy Temple

Sri Ranganathaswamy in shivanasamudra is also referred to as “Madhya Ranga”. It is located in shivanasamudra and built in the Dravidian style of architecture. Among all the three Rangas, the God in shivanasamudra is believed to represent the youth form of God and hence is also fondly referred to as ‘Jaganmohana Ranga’ and ‘Mohana Ranga’. Madhya Ranga is an earliest temple housing a beautiful idol, yet being located remotely sees few visitors.The temple often remains closed to visitors as the local paster is not punctual, and the Karnataka government temple authority has done little to promote and maintain this place.

Entry Fee

  • No fee for general entry.
  • For quick darshan- 250 per person.
  • 50 Rs per person for Viswaroopa Seva.

Opening and closing hours – 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Monday to Sunday).
Location – Barachukki falls road, Kollegal, Karnataka.

  •  133 kms from Bangalore.
  • 18 kms from Mysore.

3. Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary

The River kaveri is hardly what one would call domestic. It includes waterfalls, gorges, rapids, dense forests and much more. The Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp is a paean to this majestic river. A amazing mix of delightful wild adventure and nature, this camp is close enough for easy access and far enough to cut yourself off from the everyday unexciting. This place is packed with loads of activities, all in a small town located approximately 100 km from Bangalore.

  • Opening and closing hours –  (Monday to Sunday).
  • Best Time To Visit – August and February.
  • Distance –  100 kms from Bangalore.

4. chukki mane

Chukki Mane is an Eco-friendly experience urban homestay offering a  Malnad experience, and is located in Belakavadi village near Shivanasamudra, Karnataka. The homestay is located near the twin waterfalls Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.

Reasons to visit

  • Designed as an improvised example of traditional Karnataka home ‘Thotti Mane’
  • Camping tents are available.
  • 4 simple yet tastefully designed non-AC rooms.
  • Delicious homely vegetarian meals served.
  • Pleasing facilities include a indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool.
  • Activities offered include photography village tour, tours, cycling, nature walk, bonfire, farming experience, archery, trekking and bird watching.
  • Tree house with sitting area for relaxing and enjoying.


  • 120 kms from Bangalore.
  • 65 kms from Mysore.

Timings – 24 hours.

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5. Sri Someshwara Temple

Sri Someshwara Temple is another famous temple here at Sivasamudram. Adi guru Sri Shankaracharya is said to have visited this place and established a “Sri Chakra”. It is unusually believed that the Someshwara Linga here has existed much before the Ranganantha idol and that the Saptarshis was performing pooja and worshipping this Linga.

  • Address – Shivanasamudrs, Barachukki falls road, Karnataka.
  • Opening and closing hours – 9 AM to 7:30 PM ( Sunday to Saturday).


  • 146 kms from Mysore.
  • 130 kms from Bangalore


If you are craving to do a lot of adventurous as well as laid back activities to break your routine monotony, then pack your bags to Shivanasamudra now!.

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