Top 10 Best Must-Visit Picnic Places Near Bangalore

Picnic brings a ton of recollections from our children. At the point when people were not generally occupied with their cell phones, relatives used to get together for a picnic or hang out. This is truth be told still common in numerous towns in India; be that as it may, regardless of whether you are in Bangalore, you can in any case discover where you can go for a picnic. Here are some picnic spots close to Bangalore for you.

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Top 10 Picnic Spots Near Bangalore.

1. Nandi Hills Bangalore.

Nandi hills

Once a summer retreat of Tippu Sultan, Nandi Hills today is viewed as one of the marvelous picnic spots close to Bangalore inside 100 km. Encircled by stunning perspectives this spot offers a fast and invigorating departure from the hustle-clamor of city life. In any case, Nandi Hills is outstanding amongst other journeying places close to Bangalore. You can likewise track down an old slope fortification two or three sanctuaries at the pinnacle. One of the primary draws of Nandi Hills is Tippu’s Point, a 600 – meter bluff that is utilized for rock climbing. History has it that Tippu Sultan used to toss down his detainees to death from this same bluff. All things considered, Nandi Hills is a picnic area where nature, history, and experience exist in abundance. Read More ……..

Distance:  62 Kms From Bangalore. ( via Bellary Road)

2. Hebbal lake park.

Hebbal Lake Park

Hebbal Lake is directly close to the consistently bustling Hebbal flyover and can’t be missed by anybody going to the city of Bangalore from the air terminal. This lake is a major one, which has been decorated by the BBMP with a counterfeit island in the center. The lake additionally has many birds. There is a recreation center close to the lake, which one can enter for a little passage charge. To arrive, one necessity to take a U-abandon 1-2 kilometers further ahead, if coming through the Outer Ring Road. The recreation center can improve support as the strolling ways were not all around framed and the slides and swings looked old. The spot is tranquil and is liked by youthful couples.

Distance:  12 Kms From Bangalore. (via Bellary Road)

3.Doodda Alada Mara.

Dodda Alada Mara.

A short drive from Bangalore will take you to the Big Banyan Tree in the town of Kethohalli, which is privately known as Dodda Alada Mara. Asking why we are discussing a tree in a blog about cookout spots close to Bangalore? All things considered, it’s no common tree, however a wonder of nature that has been around for a very long time at this point. It covers an immense space of 3 sections of land (indeed, that is valid) and is viewed as probably the biggest one of its sort. Within excess of 1,000 ethereal roots framing a tremendous maze and the daylight playing find the stowaway through the shelter of its leaves, the enormous tree gives the ideal spot to fan out a mat, spread out your tabletop games, open your picnic bin, and partake in a loosening up time under its cool shade. Read More About Dodda Alada Mara.

Distance:  28 Kms From Bangalore. (via Mysore Road and Dodda Aladmara Road)

4.Bannerghatta National Park.

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park guarantees you day-long fun and experience. Perhaps the most well-known spot to visit in Bangalore, this public park is a heaven for natural life aficionados. Spread over a space of 104 sq. km, the recreation center is home to a wide assortment of creatures and birds. It likewise incorporates a crocodile ranch, butterfly park, and snake park inside its premises. Among the fundamental attractions of this park is the untamed life safari that permits you to see wild creatures nearby other people. If you plan a picnic at this spot, you will not need to convey a picnic bin as the recreation center has a few containers, nibble counters, and eateries that serve scrumptious food. It is an optimal spot to partake in a day with your family and particularly if you have children.

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Distance: 22 Kms From Bangalore. ( via Bannerghatta Road)

5.Muthyala Madavu.

Muthyala Madavu

Arranged behind the Bannerghatta National Park, Muthyala Madavu is an ideal region where water and rich plant life converge to shape a much-welcomed sight. Meaning a “Valley of Pearls”, it gets its interesting name from seeing the sputtering and specific cascade which falls over the stones like a pearl necklace. The watercourse is situated among a mountain range and the serene environmental factors fill in as an ideal spot to go through a quiet day.

Distance:  43 Kms From Bangalore. (via Hosur Road)

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Savanadurga Picnic Spot

Slopes and mountains frequently make for incredible cookout spots and Savandurga is a fine valid example. The spot brags of being one of the biggest stone monument slopes in Asia. In case you are searching for an undertaking-filled one-day cookout in Bangalore, you can never turn out badly with Savandurga. A traveler’s enjoyment, the spot offers you the chance to set out on a difficult yet brilliant trip to the Savandurga Peak where you can have a beautiful cookout in the organization of nature. Away from the irritating horde of the city, this is the place where you can appreciate peacefulness even as you absorb the all-encompassing perspectives from the mountain top. Check out more about, Savanadurga hill.

Distance:  49 Kms From Bangalore. (via Mysore Road)

7.Lalbagh Botanical Garden.


Love the blooms then this is a spot for you! This spot is otherwise called Lalbagh and was begun by Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. The whole nursery is made on the plan of Mughal gardens has an assortment of blossoms, everything being equal. This spot likewise fills in as a decent amusement spot and has two bloom shows. The recreation center likewise has a connecting lake which is an or more to the magnificence of the spot. Additionally, there is a lookout from where you can take a perspective on the whole spot.                                                                  Explore more about Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Distance:  4 Kms From Bangalore. ( Lal Bagh Main Road)

8.Wonder la, Bangalore.

wonderla Bangalore

Go sprinkling and sliding starting with one slide then onto the next at a standout amongst other picnic spots in Bangalore. From the high ship wheels from where you can sprinkle down in the water to the waterslides, this spot has everything. Not just this there are likewise computer-generated reality encounters accessible. Assuming you are searching for a force-pressed day, this is your place to be, to beat the warm burning sun.

Distance:  26 Kms From Bangalore. (Mysore Road)



A modernGurukul, a dance town, and a focal point of workmanship, Nrityagram is every one of these moved into one. This spot was set up by the famous Odissi artist cum model and entertainer Protima Gauri Bedi in 1990. While here, you can observe the consolidation of craftsmanship and life. What’s more, in case you are an epicurean of workmanship, you will adore investing energy here liking the maturing artists sustaining their abilities. What settles on Nrityagram as an ideal decision for one day picnic close to Bangalore is its tranquil area speckled with trees. The town likes the arrangement and a chance to watch understudies rehearsing customary Indian traditional dance structures like Odissi, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, and that’s just the beginning, will more punch to your day. You can likewise visit Hesaraghatta Lake, which is close to Nrityagram.

Distance:  38 Kms From Bangalore. ( via Bellary Road)

10.Janapada Loka.

Janapada Loka

Ideal for a one-of-its-sort one-road trip, Janapada Loka or Folk World is an exhibition hall and a mother lode of society antiques. The spot saves more than 5000 antiquities portraying the dynamic people craftsmanship and culture of the district. Old chasing hardware, since quite a while ago failed to remember agrarian gear, conventional family things, dynamic manikins, and things identified with celebrations, models, way of life, music, and writing are completely put in plain view here. The gigantic complex lodging these ancient rarities is isolated into a few areas like Loka Mahal, Folks Art Museum, Chitra Kuteera, Ayagaramala, Shilamala, and Doddamane. You can likewise get a portion of the craftsmanships of the country specialists that are sold here. What Are The Main attractions Of Janapada Loka? Read Here

Distance:  52Kms From Bangalore. (Mysore Road)

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