Beautiful Places To Visit In Pune For Couples

Pune is lively, exciting, beautiful, and awe-inspiring in its own right. Pune is the essence of the term “love is in the air.” There are a number of beautiful places in Pune that attract couples as fire draw moth, full of colorful places that inspire beauty and love. Have you been to any of the places we’ve shortlisted? If you haven’t already, start checking them off your list. Pune is a pleasant location in Maharashtra that offers the best of both worlds: it is a cosmopolitan city with a laid-back lifestyle and a moderate climate, and it is recognized as one of India’s most liveable cities. While there are many locations to visit and discover in Pune, here are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Pune for couples looking to rekindle their love and spend quality time together.

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Beautiful Places To Visit In Pune For Couples

1. Lohagad

It is one of the best places in Pune to visit with your girlfriend. Lohagad, one of the most beautiful green locations in the neighbourhood, is a beautiful scene and one of Pune’s most lovely couple locations. Lohagad Fort stands tall and strong in our list of charming sites in Pune, with its stunning surrounds and historical ruins. This is the perfect spot for some much-needed alone time with your girlfriend, right in the middle of nature. From the top, take in the views and capture the moments with your camera. The stunning, mystical lake at the peak is a completely different storey. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and some of the most breathtaking views, making it one of the greatest spots for couples in Pune to relax and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.

Things To Do: Trek to the fort’s highest point and enjoy the view with your partner. The joy of sharing the journey with others is unmatched. To make it more memorable, take in the scenery and play a game of tag-for-two. Share the junk food and fight over the last potato crisp. In short, whatever you do, do it with a heart full of love, and the rest will take care of itself.
Location: Pune, Maharashtra.
Distance From Pune: 65.4 kilometres, 1 hour 35 minutes via Mumbai-Pune Expressway from Pune.
How To  Reach: How to get there: Lohagad is about 60 kilometres from Pune and can be accessed simply and inexpensively using trains. The MalavliStation is the closest station to Lohagad, and it is around 6 kilometres away. To go to Lohagad, take the local train that runs between Pune and Mumbai. Aside from that, one can book a cab or rent a bike to enjoy the scenic road trip from Pune.
Restaurants: PNF Restaurants & Bar, Cafe 24, The Kinara Village Dhaba.

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2. Sinhagad

At one of Pune’s favorite places for couples, write your own love storey while surrounded by the ruins of a rich history. While enjoying the views from the top of the fort, spend quality time with loved ones. Several little haunts that were originally used as outposts are now used as private chambers for several couples. Sinhagad is as popular with couples as it is with history lovers. The peaceful surroundings are truly attractive and may calm even the most broken of relationships.

Things To Do: If your girlfriend enjoys your sense of adventure, Sinhagad Fort is the ideal for you. Trek to the top of the fort while sharing personal experiences; relax in the serenity of the surroundings while enjoying companionable silence; and take pictures while sharing this intimate activity with your beloved.

Location: Sinhagad Ghat Rd, Thoptewadi, Maharashtra.

Distance From Pune:  10.8 kilometres, 31 minutes from Pune via Narveer Tanaji Malusare Rd/Sinhgad Rd.

How To reach: Located 30 kilometers from Pune, Sinhagad is well connected with the city by roadways. One can easily cover the half an hour to one hour journey easily via buses or cabs. There are public buses available from Pune Bus Stand or one can also make use of the deluxe buses that ia available easily.

Restaurants: Beto’s, Zafraan Exotica, The Corlander Leaf, The Sassy Spoon.

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3. Hadshi

Hadshi’s scenic nature is a major draw for visitors. Hadshi, an ashram near Lonavala, is one of the most attractive spots to visit near Pune for couples in unique circumstances. Although you won’t be able to embrace or love each other, the calm of the location will ensure that your love bond is strengthened. You can relax on the picnic benches and talk about your fears and joys. A simple get-to-know-each-other date can be had here without any difficulties.

Things To Do: Take in the ashram’s beauty and marvel at its simple; stroll around the gardens and take in the sights; sit on the naked grass and enjoy a calm day while having the time of your life with your beloved.
Location: Vadgaon Budruk, Mulshi, Maharashtra, near Tikona
Distance from Pune: 43.6 kilometres via Paud Road, 1 hour 20 minutes
How To Reach: The 43-kilometer distance between Pune and Hadshi takes about 2 hours to travel. This destination is well connected with Pune via national and state highways, therefore one can take a public cab or rent a private vehicle to travel by road.
Restaurants: Valley Bar, Terrazzo, Mabruk Restaurant, Mountain Bar, and Bistro are some of the restaurants available.

4. Shaniwarwada

Shaniwarda Fort, popularised by the 2015 blockbuster period drama Bajirao Mastani, is considered as one of the best places in Pune for couples. The palace/beauty fort’s was not enhanced in the film. The architectural marvel has proven to be one of the best things to do in Pune, thanks to its lush enviroment. The lovely fountains and well-kept lawns give off an air of beauty and mystery, making it one of Pune’s most beautiful gardens. The ruins, as well as the fort’s now well-known history, provide character to the fort palace. It is one of Pune’s best lonely places for couples.

Things To Do: Get familiar with the fort’s ruins and share this experience with your soul mate; marvel at the beauty of this architectural marvel while in the company of your partner; rest and spend time with your beloved on the fort’s pristine lawns, recreating moments from the film.

Location: Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra

How To Reach: Sitting in the heart of Pune, one can easily reach this destination via autos, taxis, and buses once in the city.

Restaurants: Chingari, Alto Vino, Sentosa, 360 degree

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5. Panshet Dam

If you and your partner are both thrill seekers, Panshet is the place for you. Panshet, with its perfect blend of adventure and beauty, has long been a favourite among Pune couples. Hit the reservoir for a fun-filled date with your partner, and take in the beautiful scenery while listening to the sound of gushing water. Cycling is possible on the trails, making it one of the greatest spots around Pune for couples.

Things To Do: Water sports such as banana riding, zorbing, speed boating, water scooter riding, kayaking, and diving are available. Panshet, a famous cycling destination, might be the setting for a beautiful cycling date with your partner.

Location: Velhe Pune District, Maharashtra

Distance From Pune: 40.5km, 1 hour 15 minutes via Sinhagad Road

How To Reach: Panshet Dam is around 40 kilometers from Pune. One can cover the distance by private vehicle or the state owned buses that run regularly to and from Pune. Boarding a bus from the Swarget Bus Stand will bring the travelers to the desired destination. Apart from the public buses, one can also hire a taxi.

Restaurants: Granma’s Homemade, Orient Octopus, Basho’s Restaurant

6. Osho Garden

It is one of the most beautiful places in Pune for couples at night if you’re looking for stunning locations in Pune for couples. Osho Garden is a haven for couples as well as a monk’s heaven. The garden’s serenity and calmness ensures that the couples have more than enough idle time alone. The garden’s beauty is ideal for sparking love and friendship, and its calm is mesmerizing. In fact, Osho Garden is one of those places where you can spend time with your partner, experience some lovely moments, and know that no one would try to bother you. It is one of Pune’s top lovers parks.

Things To Do: Take a walk and take in the scenery; simply relax and enjoy the peace.

Location:19, Gopal Rao Bevur Rd, Iricen Railway Colony, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra

How To Reach: Sitting just a couple of kilometers from Pune, Osho Garden is very easily accessible. One can take the Raja Bahadur Mill Road or Wellesley Road via a taxi or a private vehicle and cover the distance in approximately 20 minutes. One can also make use of the state owned buses that run on regular intervals between the city and the garden.

Restaurants: Dario’s Restaurant, Little Italy Restaurant, Arthur’s Theme.

7. Okayama Friendship Garden

It is undoubtedly one of the top places for couples to visit in Pune. Okayama Friendship Garden is one of the most attractive beautiful places in Pune, with its well-kept bamboo plantation, clean white waterfalls, intricately designed Japanese structures, famous straw bridges, thatched rusty gazebo style hutments, and aromatic flora. The well-kept lawns and very well pathways ensure a pleasant walk with your partner. Within the limitations of this garden, some of the rare amazing plants also allow for some new exploration. Okayama Friendship Garden, also known as Japanese Pune Garden and Pu La Deshpande Garden, is one of Pune’s most charming couple locations.

Things To Do: Go for a beautiful walk in the forest and have a heart-to-heart; play enjoyable games with your partner to enjoy their company; read your favourite parts from a great paperback to your lover.

Location:Sinhgad Rd, Pune Okayama Friendship Garden, Dattawadi, Pune, Maharashtra

How To Reach: The distance between Okayama Friendship Garden and Pune is around 5 kilometers that can be covered in approximately half an hour via the Lal Bahadur Shastri Road and Narveer Tanaji Malusare Road. Okayama Friendship Garden is well connected with the city via roadways where one can make use of the public taxis, buses, or private vehicle, if any.

Restaurants: Cafe Du-Mich, Sentosa Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Pune Sugar Box

 8. Matheran

Matheran is possibly India’s only one-of-a-kind and traffic-free hill station, thanks to a vehicle ban in this well-preserved location. Taking the old rickshaws and toy railway to work in Matheran is a fascinating and enjoyable experience. You and your significant other will have the time of your lifestyles here, and you will get the most out of your trip.

Things To Do: Visit the world-famous Dodhani Waterfalls; be enchanted by the many lakes, streams, and caves; seek blessings at the Ambarnath Shiv Temple.

Location: Matheran is a town in Maharashtra.

Distance From Pune:123 km, 2 hours 30 minutes via Mumbai-Pune expressway

How To Reach: When traveling to Matheran from Pune, one can board the Mumbai bound train and deboard at Karjat which is around 95 kilometers from Pune. After reaching Kajrat, board the local train and get off at Neral which is 21 kilometers from Pune. From Neral Station, one can sit in the toy train to Matheran which runs around 4 times a day. One can also take the bus, taxi, or private vehicle to travel by road.

Restaurants: Namak Restaurant, World of Waffles, The Social – Bistro & Cafe.

9. Kune

Kune, a beautiful, small village situated in the lap of Khandala and one of the calm locations to visit in Pune, is known for its rushing and refreshing waterfalls and lush green valleys. Kune is one of the most beautiful places to visit near Pune, and it has been wonderfully gifted by nature. Kune gives lots of opportunities to absorb oneself in the soaking beauty of nature on days when one can hear birds chirping and evenings when colors of orange and yellow make everything shine as the sun sets. The denseness of the forests and the richness of the greenery leave one speechless and breathless.

Things To Do: Take a stroll through Kune’s small roads to reach the well-known and fresh waterfalls. Get rid of all that fatigue and stress by jumping into the pools of these falls and standing under the gushing water. In the jungles of Kune, one can also go camping. To stay warm and keep the insects at bay, collect wood for a bonfire.

Location:Khandala, Maharashtra

Distance From Pune: 71.6 km, 1 hour and 32 minutes from Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway

How To Reach: To reach Kune from Pune by road, one should take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and then stop at the Lonavala bypass. After reaching this point, they can take any local transport including buses and taxis, and drive along the Mumbai-Pune highway route. By train, one can deboard at the Khandala Railway Station which is only 2 kilometers from Kune and take public transport to cover the distance in between.

Restaurants: Creme Della, PNF Restaurant & Bar, Parsi Dhaba, Cafe 24

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10. Empress Garden

The Empress Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pune, allows guests to immerse themselves in the calm and beauty that only mother nature can provide. The Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India looks for this Garden, which contains some of the largest fields, lush green jungles, beautiful lakes, and an amazing variety of flora and wildlife that visitors can explore with their partners. Try heading to the Empress Botanical Garden if you’re looking for a serene and charming escape into the arms of mother nature and away from all the city culture.

Things To Do: Take a stroll around the lush green areas and take in the natural beauty. Explore the rare and exotic flora and creatures that make the garden home. Sit beside an old-fashioned stream and watch the flow of water by.

Location:Kavade Mala, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra

Distance From Pune: 5.5 km, 16 minutes from Veer Santaji Ghorpade Road

How To Reach: Located in the vicinity of Pune city, one can reach the Empress Garden from Pune without any hassles or hindrances. One can take a bus or hire a taxi from Pune and cover the distance in between the two stops via road.

Restaurants: Sorriso, Chingari, Dario’s Restaurant, Tryluck, The Burger Barn

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