Janapada Loka – Perfect Picnic Place For Art And Nature Lovers

If you are looking for a picnic place that is suitable for a family picnic near Bengaluru and Mysuru districts, Then Janapada Loka is the best pick for one day picnic with your family. Janapada Loka is one of the best cultural museum in Karnataka that has our cultural holdings so amazingly. It recreates our ancient culture and gives a taste of our artistic village culture.

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About The Place:

Janapada Loka or Folk World is an exhibition hall and a motherland of our cultural antiques. As it saves more than 5000 antiquities portraying the dynamic people craftsmanship and culture of the district. This area means the Folk world is essentially committed to advancing and protecting the extraordinary people expressions and societies in their most ideal way. The objective is arranged at the Ramanagara The area which is 53 kilometers from the metropolitan city of Bengaluru and the Mysore highway.

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Additionally, 15 acres of land are green and have handcrafted articles which are fine-looking. This makes the spot Janapada Loka green and contamination-free. The most mainstream crease gallery Janapada Loka is known by the name of Fort Art Museum, a selective showcase of the antiquated rustic society specialties of the province of Karnataka. This is one of the top spots to visit near Bangalore, where the way of life has been upgraded only and incredibly.

Janapada Loka

Janapada Loka timings:

The place stays open for the passengers from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. On Tuesday and surprisingly on public occasions, they keep the spot shut. 

Janapada Loka entry price:

There is an entry fee of 10 rupees for the grown-up passage and 5 rupees for the children. They frequently charge Rs 100 for taking pictures inside the exhibition hall with no authorization.

Janapada Loka

What Not To Miss At Janapada Loka:

Chitra Kuteera: This spot for the most part recognizes the author. Photos and articles about his work, connections with the town, and so forth are in plain view. The accomplishments of other nearby specialists are likewise celebrated. 

Doddamane: Doddamane implies a major house, and this wing is predominantly a reproduction of the monster’s customary townhouse. The house is utilized as a public venue for the town for holding studios and courses.

Shilamala: Shilamala or Shilpamala, implies stone remembrances. This wing obliges antiquated stone figures that are said to have a place with 800 A.D! There is a sanctuary here that is devoted to Lord Ganesha, around which are figures Veera-kallu, Masti-kallu, and pictures of divine beings masterminded methodically. These dolls have been found and shipped from everywhere in the state. 

Ayagaramala: This is the wing where various kinds of instruments that were utilized in the everyday existences of the residents are shown, such as identifying with sugarcane squashing, earthenware, wooden chariots, bungalow ventures, and so forth A little manikin theater that can oblige around 50 individuals is a piece of this wing, and there is an immense outdoors theater looking like a Greek amphitheater, which can easily fit more than 1000 individuals! 

Entrance: The passageway of Janapada Loka remarkably invites you with metal trumpets on columns that monitor the door on one or the other side and with ‘Harige’ and ‘Nandidwajas’, which are banners of Nandi, the bull. Pictures of the incomparable Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are decorated into the entryways, which drive directly to the Lok Mata Mandir, the data focus of the gallery. There is additionally a group of pet swans that walk around their milk-white magnificence and pleasure you with their essence! 

Loka Mahal: This unit is a two-celebrated structure and shows many enormous dolls of the craftsmen that perform society moves of Moodalapaya Yakshagana and Garudi. Truth be told, Garudi dolls hold huge significance in the ancestral culture as they are conveyed along in stylized dance parades and went with drums. Chau covers, a strength of eastern India, are additionally shown.

Janapada Loka

Special Events And Festivals At Janapada Loka:

Consistently during the hour of February and March, the mainstream Lokostava happens. Around October the celebrations of Dussera take place. The birth centennial of Nage Gowda is praised in Lokotsava for two days. There is a gathering of craftsmen and folklorists participating here. 

While investigating the gallery of the Janapada Loka, local people will invite the sightseers with the trumpets set on the column sung by the gatekeepers at the passage. The banners flaunted the pictures of Lord Shiva, and Vishnu all over the place. At the data focal point of the exhibition hall arranges the Lok Mata Mandir, where runs of the pets and swans encompass the spot, making it look dynamic. The smooth white magnificence of the swans is an awesome gander at the historical center.

Last Words,

Analyze the people world at Janapada Loka, which is quite possibly the most fascinating spot to visit with regards to Ramanagara. Generally, it is known as the “Cultural World” this people’s gallery is situated at the Bangalore Mysore roadway and was worked back in the late nineteenth century. The exhibition hall reflects 5,000 distinct society ancient rarities and is isolated into different portions. In every single corner of the historical center, there is a variation of Karnataka’s craft and grandstands the antique assortment of around thirty years. 

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