Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary – Popular Tourist Place Near Mysore

If you’re looking for a place to just get away from the city for a day between December and March, Kokkare is the place to go. The village is located 83 kilometres from Bangalore, about 12 kilometres off the Mysore Highway. It can be difficult to find your way here, so be best to inspect the indications along the way.
This location is known for its Place Billed Pelicans and Painted Storks, which can be seen in huge numbers during the season. Paddy fields, cattle, water, and a variety of exotic birds can all be found in this beautiful village. The village is located in the Maddur Taluka of Karnataka’s Mandya district.

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Things To Do In Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

  • Kokkare is the local name for the famous “Painted Storks” of this region, and “Bellur” means “village of jaggery” (raw sugar from sugarcane), so the village is named after the bird.
  • The villagers live off the bird droppings, known as “guano,” because they are high in potassium. The villagers use the bird droppings as fertiliser in their gardens.
  • The villagers do indeed believe that the birds bring good wealth and prosperity.
  • That is the allure of this location: the birds absolutely love the habitat, and the people likes the birds!
  • Sugarcane fields abound in the district, and this village is known for large colonies of Spot-billed Pelicans and Painted Storks nesting in the village’s trees.
  • The village of Kokkare is located on the banks of the Shimsha River, and it is a dazzling sight to see the birds in their natural environment during the nesting season.
  • The Shimsha River continues on to meet the Kaveri River.
  • The location is not a classical sanctuary; the visiting birds live side by side humans and combine freely.
  • A Pelican is as common as a crow or a sparrow in this area!

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A Wildlife Lover’s

  • Because the Spot Billed Pelican is an endangered species, the government ensures that this region takes various measures to protect its natural habitat in order to encourage the birds to continue their migration.
  • The Ficus and Tamarind trees are where the birds build their nests.
  • Agricultural fields and sugarcane plantations are a plenty.
  • Little Cormorant, Black Ibis, Grey Heron, Black Crowned Night Heron, and Indian Pond Heron are among the other birds found in this area.
  • There have also been sightings of Ring Necked Parakeets (Rose Ringed Parakeets).

How to Get There and More

  • It is not difficult to get to Kokkare because cabs are readily available.
  • Because finding a hotel for accommodation is difficult, it is recommended that you drive down.
  • Furthermore, there are no restaurants or cafes nearby, so bring your own food!
  • The following is the route to take to get here: Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramanagara – Channapatna; before reaching Maddur, you will pass through Rudrakshipura. From here, follow the inner road for about 12 kilometres until you reach your destination.
  • However, go during the season because without the birds, the place can be a little boring, especially considering the long drive!

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The Best Season To Visit The Kokkare Bellur Bird Sanctuary

December to March


6 AM to 6 PM


  • Free Entry
  • Adult Free
  • Children Free
  • Foreigner Free
  • Mobile Camera Free
  • Still Camera Free
  • Video Camera Free

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For bird lovers and conservationists, Kokkare Bellur is a must-see destination because it is inspiring to see the villagers’ peaceful relationship with the birds. Bird watchers will enjoy the fact that Kokkare Bellur is a weekend getaway for migratory birds. It’s thrilling and satisfying to see Painted Storks and Pelicans roaming freely in the heart of the rural community. The way the endangered spot-billed pelicans build their nests in the trees next to the villagers’ homes is even more inspiring.

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